Sycamore Promises

by Paul Colt

Book Cover: Sycamore Promises
ISBN: 978-1-63373-714-3

A young couple leaves Ohio for the promise of a new life on the Kansas plains. They settle a prime tract of land near Lawrence, Kansas. A second young couple escape the bonds of slavery in Missouri. Circumstance brings them together, and together they build a future in the shelter of a mighty sycamore tree. Set against the backdrop of national ambition to westward expansion and a nation divided over the issue of slavery, the young settlers fight to hold their land and realize the future that unites them. Opposed by a powerful adversary who covets their land, they battle human treachery, hostile Indians, prejudice, and a bloody, burning prelude to war. Together they face the forces of war, healing a wounded community, drought, pestilence, and death. They battle to hold a hard-won home and fulfill the promises of their future.

Publisher: Galway

About the Author

Paul Colt’s critically acclaimed historical fiction crackles with authenticity. His analytical insight, investigative research and genuine horse sense bring history to life. His characters walk off the pages of history in a style that blends Jeff Shaara’s historical dramatizations with Robert B. Parker’s gritty dialogue. Paul Colt History entertains and informs. Paul’s Grasshoppers in Summer, and Friends Call Me Bat are Western Writers of America Spur Award honorees. Boots and Saddles: A Call to Glory received the Marilyn Brown Novel Award, presented by Utah Valley University.

“Pick-up a Paul Colt book, you can’t put it down.”

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