The Lonely Lady

by Harold Robbins

Book Cover: The Lonely Lady
ISBN: 978-1-63373-605-4

From the author of The New York Times #1 bestselling novel The Carpetbaggers comes the gut-wrenching story of one woman’s battle to break free of the male-dominated, sexual pay-to-play culture of Hollywood.... THE LONELY LADY

Jeri Lee Randall is a young girl with dreams of being a writer. While she is discovering her own sexuality, she meets Walter Thornton, Jr., son of the world-famous playwright, Walter Thornton, Sr., whom she idolizes. After a humiliating “near” sexual encounter with JeriLee, Walt, Jr. participates in a brutal assault that traumatizes her and triggers unfettered chaos in their small, gossipy town.

Trying to make amends for the deplorable behavior of his son, Walt’s father befriends JeriLee. Despite their age difference the two become close and eventually marry. Inevitably, their union unravels, and JeriLee embarks on a path of sexual liberation in her pursuit of success—from stints in sleazy strip clubs to rendezvous on the casting couches of Hollywood moguls and eventually to the twilight world of drugs—moving restlessly from man to man and woman to woman. Can she find success in a brutal world while retaining her dignity, honesty, and the self-respect developed in her youth? As she struggles to retain her dreams of stardom, can her strength and cunning save her from Hollywood’s death grip, allowing her to beat the smooth talking power players at their own game?

When it was originally published in 1976, The Lonely Lady spent 24 weeks on the bestseller list turning Hollywood on its ear. Could anyone have predicted then that JeriLee’s story would still be so shockingly relevant over forty years later?

Publisher: Iridium

About the Author

Harold Robbins (1916-1997) is one of the best-selling American fiction writers of all time, ranking 5th on the World’s Best-Selling Fiction Author List just behind William Shakespeare and Agatha Christie. He wrote over 25 bestselling novels, sold more than 750 million copies in 42 languages, and spent over 300 weeks combined on The New York Times bestseller list. His books were adapted into 13 successful films and television series that garnered numerous Oscar® and Golden Globe® nominations starring Steve McQueen, Elvis Presley, Laurence Olivier, Bette Davis, Robert Duvall, Tommy Lee Jones, and more. Robbins’ personal life was as fascinating to the public as his novels. An enthusiastic participant in the social and sexual revolution of the 1960s, Robbins cultivated a “playboy” image and maintained friendships with stars including Frank Sinatra, Clint Eastwood, Tony Bennett, and Sammy Davis, Jr., and was one of the first novelists to be prominently featured in gossip magazines, earning him the title of “The World’s First Rock Star Author.”

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