Slings & Arrows

by Gordon Bonnet

Sometimes payback comes when you least expect it.

When writer Kathy Rawls shows up at Snowe Agency, at first it seems like there’s not much to investigate. Her husband, a drunkard and ne’er-do-well, disappeared on the way home from a bender at the local bar, and no one is sure of his whereabouts. But something about the story doesn't sit right with Jeff Kolnikoff. A shy, awkward man who has been reluctant to get actively engaged in many of the agency's investigations despite a flair for research and telekinetic powers that are off the charts, the neatness of the scenario Mrs. Rawls paints bothers him. He starts looking into the missing man’s life, and finds clues indicating that John Rawls might not simply have gotten drunk and taken off for parts unknown.

When a second, and then a third, person vanish under similar circumstances, Jeff becomes certain they weren’t abducted, but murdered, instead. When he finds more commonalities between the disappearances—not only were all of the missing people awful human beings, the ones they’d wronged, the ones with a motive for revenge, were far away from the scenes of the crime and had unshakeable alibis—he realizes that he’s stumbled upon something far larger and sinister than anyone had anticipated. Will his intuition be enough to crack the case before more people disappear? Or will his tenacity make him the next target?

Publisher: Shannon

About the Author

Gordon Bonnet has been writing fiction for decades. Encouraged when his story Crazy Bird Bends His Beak won critical acclaim in Mrs. Moore’s 1st-grade class at Central Elementary School in St. Albans, West Virginia, he embarked on a long love affair with the written word. His interest in the paranormal goes back almost that far, although it has always been tempered by Gordon’s scientific training. This has led to a strange duality; his work as a skeptic and debunker on the popular blog Skeptophilia, while simultaneously writing paranormal and speculative novels, novellas, and short stories. He blogs daily, but is never without a piece of fiction in progress-driven to continue, as he puts it, “because I want to find out how the story ends.” Stay up to date with Gordon and all his writing and appearances on Facebook, Twitter, or at You’ll also find more great fiction on his writing blog, Tales of Whoa.

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