Tiree Press (Historical Fiction)

Tiree Press is Oghma Creative Media’s historical fiction imprint. We publish popular novels from some of the best and brightest rising authors worldwide. Tiree Press is the new paradigm for historical fiction from recent to medieval, top-flight historical fiction exploring the realms of the past.

Written by R. L. Adare

Series: Two Blankets

Cover: Gray Wolf by R. L. Adare
Gray Wolf
Two Blankets cover
Two Blankets

Written by Gordon Bonnet

Stand-Alone Books

Book Cover: Kari the Lucky
Kari the Lucky

Written by Velda Brotherton

Stand-Alone Books

Cover: Blue Roan Colt
Blue Roan Colt

Written by Paul Colt

Written by John J. Dwyer

Stand-Alone Books

Cover: Mustang
Shortgrass - cover

Written by Pamela Foster

Series: Soldier's Heart Trilogy

Cover: Soldier's Heart
Soldier's Heart

Written by Richard Massey

Series: Gregory of Bordeaux Trilogy

Southampton Chronicle cover
The Southampton Chronicle
The Gascony Letters cover
The Gascony Letters

Written by Kent McInnis

Series: Sierra Hotel

Book Cover: Sierra Hotel
Sierra Hotel

Written by Dusty Richards

Stand-Alone Books

Zekial cover
Cover: Blue Roan Colt
Blue Roan Colt

Written by Anthony Wood

Stand-Alone Books

Book Cover: White and Black
White and Black